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Make marketing easier, risk-free.

Parting's simple, risk-free model gets you online customers that don't already have community ties to a funeral home.  We make sure you're getting additional cases, and not stealing what you would have already have gotten.


Get additional cases with Parting today.

Parting helps thousands of families find funeral providers every day.  Are you missing out on additional cases by not being seen?

Get free exposure to thousands.

Your free listing is promoted to anyone looking in your area for funeral services.  Enjoy online search visibility and traffic you otherwise wouldn't get.

Compete like the big guys.

Parting puts everyone on the same playing-field so that families can make an informed decision about the best provider to fit their needs.   Show off what makes your business unique instead of figuring out how to compete online with the big guys.

Get new cases.

 You'll get new cases quickly with customers you wouldn't otherwise reach, you can immediately see and easily track your positive ROI.



  • ​Costs nothing unless you get a paying case 
  • No signup fees, so it's free to get started
  • Your listing is always free, and it's promited across all of our online partners (like Google, Yahoo, and Bing) and offline partnerships (hospitals and hospices
  • Get customers who exclusively use Parting and our partners to find funeral services.

No new customer is free.

You pay for customers in a lot of ways, like the mortgage for your great location and the salary for your experienced funeral director.  You'll only get so far in cases with community-ties and phone calls.  Use online channels to close the gap! With Parting, you'll always know how much a customer costs and what they're worth to your business.


Build your profile page.

Families are looking to find a funeral home on Parting.  Help them quickly understand why yours is unique by adding updated pricing, beautiful photos, and a great description as to why your funeral home is the best to serve their needs.  

Upgrade your status.

You may provide the greatest service at the best value, but if no one can find you, it won't help grow your business.   Our featured funeral homes receive 4x the amount of visitors to their pages, and ultimately, 4x the amount of new cases as non-featured ones.

See the results.

With our low-risk model, we don't hold you in any long term contract. Pay month to month and cancel any time. No sign up fees!




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Address on Map

Trusted Tag

Email Notification of New Customers

Search Engine Optimized

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Professional Tag

High Quality Facility Images

Real Reviews

Offer Packages

Quarterly Analytics

Direct Phone Line

Direct Line from 1-800-FUNERAL

Premium Placement



Professional Pictures and Content


$19 / mo

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$399 / mo


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*Risk free option is only for family owned businesses.

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